IKO Limited

IKO LIMITED is the latest member of the Update group. It started its journey to provide all types of logistics supply & service, to engage itself in special type and heavy constructions and to supply special types of Military Hardware and equipments to Bangladesh Armed forces, BGB, Police, RAB, and other law enforcing agencies.

Registration & Certification

  • JOINT STOCK Incorporation Number: C- 131695/2016
  • Tax Identification Number: 160538846172
  • Trade License Number: 03-048054
  • VAT Registration Number: 18131086822
  • Electrical Contractor Licence (ABC) of GOB: C-48/11864
  • Bangladesh Hardware & Machinery Merchants' Association : 0212
  • Import Registration Certificate (IRC) of GOB: 121105
  • Education Engineering Department of GOB: Enlisted Contractor
  • Central Mechanical Transport Depot of Bangladesh Army: Enlisted Supplier
  • Bangladesh Ordnance Factories of Defence Ministry, GOB: Enlisted Supplier
  • Central Ordnance Depot of Bangladesh Army: Enlistment on process
  • Directorate General of Defence Purchase (DGDP): Enlistment on process

IKO’s Arena Import
Fire safety and security equipment
Construction Equipment
Production Machineries
Special and critical Equipment
Military Hardware and Equipment
Raw material for Arms and Ammo

Our Resources Yard IKO LIMITED bases its operations (especially equipment and materials) from its yard at Ashulia and Gazipur. The purpose of constructing yard was to meet the company’s growing needs. We are conveniently located for ready access to any project site within Bangladesh.

Experience Experience can’t be bought – it’s an old proverb. Our experienced staffs and regular updated training programs give us strength to face any sort of challenges. As such we are confident enough to take any big, special nature and tricky job.

Principles We do have principles from world renowned machinery and heavy equipment including construction equipment manufacturer and military hardware and special equipment producer companies of the world.

Work Force Staffing levels continue to expand with currently some 78 employees consisting of qualified supply chain experts, engineers, architects, electric engineers, plumbers, machine operators, skilled laborers and truck drivers. A highly qualified and experienced management and administration team supports our logistic and construction crews. Our contract managers have the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage the most technically demanding projects.

Equipment IKO Ltd maintains an extensive inventory of modern warehouse and construction equipment which includes Dozer, Wheel Loader, Excavator, Roller Mixer, Dumpers, Crushers, Hoists, Generators, Truck, Cover van etc.

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