About Us

As a leading diversified group of companies since its naissance in 1992 UPDATE GROUP has always been a key contributor in the Garments, automobile, Battery and Tyre industries, Construction, Commercial and industrial real estate, hospitality (international hotel and hospital), Hydroponic green house and Logistics support sectors in Bangladesh. It proudly associates itself with prestigiousand landmark projects in Dhaka.

We are committed to having a good partnership, transparency and reliability with our clients rather than Client-Contractor relationship. Our clients are fully aware that we have the skills, resources and expertise, and most importantly, the ability to fulfill their requirements to the highest standards on time.

Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment are among the most important concerns of our group. Having a large experience in construction of commercial and industrial building and being successful in dealing with a very big volume of different logistic supply and support for all of our industries, we have been encouraged to big scale engagement in infrastructure development and heavy logistic supply and support management system with our new company IKO limited. We at UPDATEGROUP take pride in our achievements which we attribute to the dedication of ourstaff, whose exceptional skills and expertise are the key value of our company’ssuccess. Thanks to our loyal team of workers & professionals, we have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises, we can rise to the challenge and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients.

It has been a very challenging journey from the start of our company in 1992 until today. Our major challenge today is to sustain the growth we generated till date. We are proud of our past and we have an active present and we look forward to a promising future.

A.K.M Nurul Haq
Managing Director